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Samos Beer

The first beer of Samos. A fresh breeze of the Aegean Sea!

Discover our island!

One of the greenest, bustling with life and scenic islands in Greece, Samos offers visitors all they could ask for!

Our Recipes!

  • Mixed berries cake

    Mixed berries cake

    Recipe: Makes 8-10 pieces Ingredients: 200gr all-purpose flour 6gr baking powder pinch of salt 90gr …
  • Double chocolate cookie delight

    Double chocolate cookie delight

    Recipe: Makes about 12 cookies  Ingredients: 100gr white sugar  100gr brown sugar  90gr butter  2 …
  • Ham Hock in Samos Beer!

    Ham Hock in Samos Beer!

    Recipe:  For 4 people (OK, for 8, but why not be greedy!?) Ingredients: 1 pork …