A visit to the depths of Greek history, with many attractions, amazing views and wonderful beaches, Samos is a paradise on Earth.

Give yourself plenty of time to visit, discover and enjoy our wonderful coastline and mountain scape.

There’s something for everyone: Luxury beach resorts, trendy beach bars, family-oriented or secluded, there’s something for your every wish.

samos beach and beers
samos sunset

Samos will never stop surprising you!

Famous since ancient times for its unique vineyards, Samos has some of the best wineries in the world! Try all our wines, you will probably find your favorite! And now, you may also taste our fantastic beers!

Visitors who come to Samos in winter for the first time, cannot believe the beauty it hides!

With a rare natural environment, excellent local products and great food, Samos is a place to stay … All year round!

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