From the first beer we ever made, Valsamo Ale, to our latest creations, we make sure they all have one thing in common: love.

Love for our product, the love for our place, love for what we do!


Our first beer, our islands beer, is a special Ale! Using only quality ingredients, it has a rich flavor, capable of accompanying any type of food, while also being delicious on its own!

Our beer, Valsamo, is what visitors to our island get.

A southing sensation for the soul…

A Witbier, made with quality malts, traditional hops, Samian honey, coriander seeds and one of the most suitable yeasts available!

Samos has one of the richest biodiversity of any Greek island and as such, we have the pleasure of having amazing honey too!

We used this very rich and healthy honey to give you benefits that only natural honey can give!

It is an integral part of our beer, enjoy it!


Our second beer, is a refreshing Lager (Munich Helles style)! Made in the traditional way (that is, without filters and pasteurization) it is a beer with a subtle citrus aroma and a light body, which will satisfy those who ask for something to accompany their food or going out.

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